Why Svaguna?

Svaguna is derived from the Sanskrit word स्वगुण that means self attribute, we believe our products have all their attributes intact as we cultivate them free of chemicals and pesticides with no intervention in their growth process, hence one gets all benefits of the product from consumption/usage of Svaguna products.

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Natural Dry Anjeer (Fig)

Anjeer orginated in Asia Minor and then spread with the Romans and Greek through the Mediterranean region and today through the world. It is one tree that has been mentioned in all holy books and there is importance attached to it in most religions thereby being ones of the earliest fruits even recorded in history. It belongs to the ficus carica that is an Asian species of deciduous flowering tree in the mulberry family. Figs belong to the ficus family similar to mulberry and banyan, etc. Dried processed figs are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants as compared to unprocessed figs, it can be used medicinally as a diuretic and laxative as well. Figs were used in ancient times to sweeten desserts and mithias before widespread use of sugar.

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