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Dried Anjeer (Figs)

Anjeer (also spelt anjir) orginated in Asia Minor and then spread with the Romans and Greek through the Mediterranean region and today is available through the world. It is one tree that has been mentioned in all holy books and there is importance attached to it in most religions thereby being one of the earliest fruits ever recorded in history. It belongs to the ficus carica that is an Asian species of deciduous flowering tree in the mulberry family. Figs (known as anjura in Telugu) belong to the ficus family similar to mulberry and banyan, etc. Indian figs can be cultivated across the country and can be sold either fresh or as dry food as it is rich in nutrients. Dried figs (sukha anjeer) are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants as compared to unprocessed figs, it can be used medicinally as a diuretic and laxative as well. Figs were used in ancient times to sweeten desserts and mithias before widespread use of sugar.

Benefits of Dried Angeer (Figs)

•  Dried anjeer is good for improving digestion as rich in insoluble fibre and natural laxative that helps prevent constipation, IBS, etc. (soaked figs preferred if used for constipation)
•  Sukha anjeer is high in soluble fibre that expands and makes on feel full, hence good for weight management. Dried figs aid weight loss as also low in calories and high in fibre.
•  Natural dried figs are rich in Vitamin A, B1& B2, manganese, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron and phosphorus.
• Sukhi anjir helps cure iron deficiency as a natural way to increase haemoglobin levels in the blood.
• Sun dried figs help to prevent heart disease as it eliminates free radicals and reduces the levels of triglycerides that contribute to heart disease. Also has manganese that supports cardiovascular health.
•  De-hydrated figs prevent hypertension (blood pressure) as it maintains balance of sodium potassium in the body as rich in potassium.
•  De-hydrated figs helps improve bone strength and density as dried anjeer is rich in calcium and can provide 3% of daily calcium requirement.
•  Sukha anjeer is good for healthy, smooth skin and long luscious hair.
•  Sukhi anjeer is a natural source for calcium as high in calcium and can be had as an alternative to diary for calcium.

Why Svaguna

Our anjeer is Deanna anjeer that is the best fig variety as it is large in size and ideal for de-hydrating, we de-hydrate figs naturally without any added sugar during the process, hence at times it can be sour or sweet as it take the flavour of the natural fruit. Svaguna anjeer are organically grown and sun dried that are amongst the best available anjeer in the country. Our sun dried figs are amongst the best dried figs as we follow the traditional method and ensure they are as nature meant them to be. Svaguna’s dried figs aren’t white anjeer as mostly available in market as there is no sugar in our dried figs.


•  Fig plants can cause poisoning in dogs.
•  Some people can have allergic reaction especially who are allergic to latex.

Best form to have:

•  Sukha anjeer can be had as a snack during the day whenever hungry or one can eat figs at night
•  One can use dried soaked anjeer (overnight) with honey and almonds to address constipation as anjeer for constipation is effective.
•  Dried anjeer can be used as an alternative to sugar in sweet or mithai preparation, anjeer is good for diabetes, hence a healthy alternativer to sugar.
•  Dried figs can be added to salads to give it sweet tangy flavour or one can also use soaked figs for salad preparation. Anjeer is good for weight loss hence can be used by people trying to maintain their weight