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Tamarind tree is a slow growing and long living tree that is native to tropical East Africa and grows best in semi-arid tropical regions as the trees are known to attract rains in the area.

Tamarind tree grows really tall as much as 70 to 75 feet and is known as date of India and grows across India, in our area across the forests there are multiple tamarind trees and also in villages. India produces the maximum tamarind as the juice or paste of tamarind is mostly used as a souring agent across the country and even tamarind is used for souring or just eaten as a fruit.

Svaguna’s tamarind/imli is flavourful as sourced from tribals who pick them from trees in the forest that are over two to three decades old and are free from chemicals, fertilisers, insecticides, pesticidies, etc. We store them in traditional method without any preservatives or additives and it tastes yummy.

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