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October 17, 2018
Natural Bengal Gram (Desi Chana)
October 27, 2018

Natural Foxnuts (Makhana)

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Makhana/Foxnut belong to the water lily family that are naturally grown in North Eastern part of Bihar, Manipur and East Asia. It is a water based nut that is rich in proteins, high in anti-oxidants, calcium, good fats and other nutrients, low in saturated fats, glycemic index, etc.

Our makhana comes from Madhubani situated in Bihar, the state where more than 80% of the makhanas are cultivated in India. These aquatic nuts are rich in taste and are eaten in roasted form as snacks mostly, it is considered a super-food as it is a powerhouse of nutrients. Makhanas can be added to curries to make it rich or in vegetables or sweets including kheer or can be had as flour. One can eat makhana during fast as it is a nut and is packed with energy and helps sustain through the day.

At Svaguna, you can buy either natural makhana or else our roasted makhana’s varieties as a ready to eat snack or makhana flour that can be added to other flour to make it nutrient rich.

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