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Natural Bengal Gram (Desi Chana)

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Desi chana or Bengal gram belongs to Fabaceae family and is amongst the earliest cultivated legumes in the world that originated in the Middle East. Bengal gram or desi chana are dark seeds having rough outer covering and are grown in the abundance in winter across India as it requires less water.

It has high protein and fibre content, Bengal gram can be had in various forms like salads, snacks like roasted chana, flavoured chana, curries, vegetables, or products derived from it like chana dal, besan, sattu, etc.

Desi chana is extremely beneficial for health as it is low in fat, high in dietary fibre, high iron and low in glycemic index
Our desi chana is grown as an intercrop on our natural food forest Vivavan in the Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh in central India where desi chana is cultivated as a main crop in the winter season with traditional farming practices.

Svaguna derives multiple products from our natural Bengal gram like chana dal, besan, sprouted chana, sattu, etc that are available under various categories.

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