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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019

Natural Dry Anjeer (Premium)

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Anjeer/Dry Figs (Premium) is naturally grown in India as it belongs to the ficus family that is similar to banyan tree which the national tree of India, it can grow in dry and rocky forests across the country.  Fig trees are amongst the first plant cultivated by humans since over 5000 years.

Cultivar of our Anjeer is Deanna that is native to Europe that are larger in size and ideal for de-hydrating.

Our premium dried anjeerare larger in size compared to our regular size dried anjeer, hence they are fleshier and softer to eat.  Dried anjeer are a natural laxative and good source of soluble fibre.

Svaguna dried figs are amongst the best sukhaanjeer available in India as they are naturally sun-dried with no added sugar syrup or any other sweetener during the drying process.

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