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Van Tulsi Honey

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Van tulsi is wild tulsi or tulsi cultivated in the jungle area, it has strong aroma with a lot of health benefits as it is beneficial for physical and mental health.  Tulsi naturally has antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, hence consumption of the natural VanTulsi honey enhances the immune system as it is packed with good nutrients.   Our van tulsi honey is a mono floral honey as honey is collected in apiaries set on large tulsi farms, as tulsi nectar is the dominant food source available to the honeybees the honey takes the properties and flavour of the tulsi plant.  VanTulsi Honey can be used as an healthy alternative to sugar and jaggery as it is natural and raw source of sugar without any additives or processing, it is good to taste.   Ours is high quality raw VanTulsi honey that is easy to digest, light on the system, great to taste and a houseful of nutrients.  There is no artificial or added flavours to our VanTulsi honey as it is  packed post a single filter after collection in apiaries.   Svaguna’s VanTulsi honey is amongst the best quality honey available in India that is great to taste and light in colour and texture.

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