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Indian Carrot Pickle – 200 GM


As Indian carrots (red) are available only in the winter season, this is a seasonal pickle in our basket of pickles as red carrots are available only for a short duration each year. It is best to consume the same during the season as otherwise it needs to be stored in the fridge. Most North Indian homes have some variant of carrot pickle, we have picked ours from our maternal family.

We pickle the red carrots with a few natural spices like red chilly powder, natural haldi powder, mustard seeds, mustard oil, rock salt, etc. The fermentation process is aided by both the mustard seeds and mustard oil, it takes 3 to 4 days for the carrots to be pickled. Carrot pickle is a part of most meals in the winter season as it is crunchy and yummy to taste.

Carrot pickle can be had as accompaniment with a meal or else as a side vegetable with chappati or poori or thepla or parathas as it is tangy, crunchy, nutritious and flavourful. Carrots are nutritious as they are rich in vitamins, fibre, potassium, anti-oxidants, low in calories, etc. It adds flavour, taste and zing to a good meal thereby enhancing the flavour.

One needs to refrigerate it once the souring process is completed or else it continues with the fermentation process.


  •   •  Indian carrots (Red carrots)
  •   •  Mustard Seeds
  •   •  Rock Salt
  •   •  Red Chilly Powder
  •   •  Natural Haldi Powder
  •   •  Mustard Oil

Why Svaguna?

Carrot pickle is made from red Indian carrots with mustard oil and some Indian spices. We make them in North Indian style with minimalistic mustard oil and spices helping retain the aroma, nutrition, flavour and the taste of the carrots. We suggest it is best to consume within a month while it is fresh for the original taste.


One must refrigerate the pickle when one wants the fermentation process to stop as otherwise the process will continue making the pickle extremely sour.

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