Oil Free Methidana Pickle Sour – 200 GM
September 29, 2020
Indrajo (Kadwa)
September 29, 2020

Raw Papaya Chutney – 200 GM


We make our raw papaya chutney is a traditional Bengali way which can be had as an accompaniment to meals/snacks or prior to dessert as a palate cleanser or dessert. A traditional Bengali meal is incomplete without the raw papaya chutney, it forms a part of each traditional meal. The ingredients in the papaya chutney is known for its digestive properties in traditional Ayurveda as raw papaya, raisins, fennel and jaggary is an aliment for indigestion and high in fibre content. Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins (especially food with gluten). It is aromatic with a sweet tangy taste and is loaded with traditional spices and extremely delicious to taste.


  • • Raw papaya chutney
  • • Jaggary
  • • Fenugreek Seeds
  • • Red Chilly Powder
  • • Whole Red Chilly
  • • Bay Leaf
  • • Fennel Seeds
  • • Cardamom
  • • Mustard Seeds
  • • Black Salt
  • • Vinegar
  • • Indian raisins


Why Svaguna?

Svaguna’s raw papaya chutney is made from raw papaya and spices that are cultivated naturally in our food forest Vivavan. It is a traditional Bengali style chutney with most Indian spices giving it a rich flavour and aroma.   It is in pure form helping retain the aroma, nutrition, flavour and the taste of the raw papaya.


To be refrigerated to keep it fresh. there are no added flavours or preservatives or colours.

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