October 17, 2018

Moringa Pure Forest Honey

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Honey’s existence has been there since as far as one can record, honey has been used as various forms as offering to Gods across various cultures like Egyptian, Greeks, Romans, etc. Today there is no part of the world where honey is not used as part of cultural diet. Flavour of honey depends on the flowers from which nectar is harvested. Our Single food source origin honey are thus, as we know the nectar source for the bees and hence, the properties inherited by the honey
Moringa Honey is one of the healthiest honey in the world (Lab tested) and is great for children and adults alike. Being one of the mildest honey too, it is great for digestion, for boosting your immunity and your throat ailments.

Why Svaguna?

High quality raw Moringa (murungai / drumstick) honey is a natural anti-oxidant that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and can be used as a healthy alternative to sugar. Undoubtedly moringa honey is one of the world’s best bee honey. Our natural pure moringa honey is collected in apiaries set on moringa farms. The honey bees take the nectar from Moringa Flowers (Moringa blossoms). This is a mono floral honey as the only source of food available for the bees across acres of land is just Moringa Trees and that is the dominant floral nectar that they feed on ensuring the honey takes the flavour and properties of Moringa Plant. There are no artificial or added flavours to our moringa honey as they are packed as collected. Svaguna moringa honey is amongst the best quality honey available in India and is rich in colour and taste.

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1 review for Moringa Pure Forest Honey

  1. Jitin

    The honey is purely awesome. Must try it. Medicinal properties are also in abundance.

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