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Sattu Atta

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Sattu is made from any dry roasted grain or pulse and then ground to powder, as the pulse/grain is dry roasted it seals all the nutrients, thus giving it the superfood category status. Sattu was known as a poor man’s protein as high in protein and has been popular since ages in Bihar/Jharkhand, it is used in varied form across East India as can be had as a drink or porridge or as rotis, sweets, etc.

It is called superfood as it is a wholesome food by itself that is as high in nutrients and provides instant energy in the summer season as considered a coolant as well. It rich in protein, calcium, iron, manganese & magnesium, low in sodium and has high amount of insoluble fibre which is good for digestion helping to control flatulence, constipation and acidity.

Svaguna’s sattu is made in small batches by dry roasting our Bengal gram and then freshly grounding it to powder. Our gram is grown as an inter-crop in the winter season on our natural food forest, Vivavan in Madhya Pradesh, hence it free of any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc and as we use only roasted gram for our sattu atta, it is gluten free.

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