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Drumstick Leaves/Powder or Moringa Or Ben Oil Tree

Moringa is derived from the Tamil word murungai, meaning twisted pod. It is a fast growing deciduous tree that belongs to Moringaceae family that is native tree to southern foothills of Himalayas in north western India, it has been used in Ayurveda medicine for over 4000 years plus.It is a tropical plant that is now grown in tropical, sub-tropical, semi-arid regions of Asia, Africa and America. It goes by the name Vitamin Tree as it is a protein and vitamin rich plant that also has all 9 essential amino acids including branched chain amino acids, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, various vitamins, etc. Being rich is protein content it can be used as an alternative to meat for vegans and vegetarians. It is a draught resistant tree and hence is also known as Never Die Tree in some parts of the world especially Asia. It has been declared as Plant of the Decade as it is one of the most nutritious plant and almost all parts of the plant are used which help increase immunity in a person. In Africa it is known as miracle plant as it aided the continent in providing nutritional food to their people during food crisis. It goes by the name Ben oil tree in some parts of the world. Moringa has alkaline properties and consuming moringa water or tea can reduce acid in a person’s body. Developing and poor countries can use the products from moringa leaves to reduce malnutrition in adults and children.


•  It promotes cardiovascular system and balance hormones, thereby reducescholesterol and can reduce effects of aging.
•  Helps stabilise your mood and protects brain health and aids to treat neurodegenerative diseases.
•  It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce small inflammations and aids to reduce ailments like arthritis amongst others
•  As it is rich in plant protein and plant protein reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, it aids to stabilise blood sugar levels, helping fight diabetes.
• It has around 24% fibre that aids to relieve stomach disorders, improving digestive health thereby aiding constipation as well.
•  It is complete source of protein supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass especially for vegans and vegetarians as it ensures sufficient supply of protein.
• It has anti-bacterial, anti-septic& anti-fungal agents, hence enhances wound healing and also prevents viral.
• It is rich in iron and Vitamin A,iron is essential for reduction of tiredness and fatigue of body and also treats anemia and Vitamin A contributes to normal vision, enhancing eye sight.
•  It protects skin and nourishes hair, thereby supporting to maintain healthy skin and hair as is rich in oil.
•  It is rich with free radicals that aid to fight stress and has immunosuppressive properties.
•  It may protect against arsenic toxicity, hence helps prevent cancer.
•  It promotes cleansing of body and protects liver and prevents stone formation and improves functions of kidney.

Why Svaguna?

Our moringa leaves or powder come from natural food forest located in Khalghat, Madhya Pradesh and are freshly dried through the year to ensure fresh supply always. Our moringa powder is rich in colour as we dry the leaves in traditional method before we convert it into powdered form. As they are from natural food forest they retain all their natural nutrients and flavours and are amongst the best available in the market.


•  Roots and bark have an abortive effect and not recommended during pregnancy.
•  Breast feeding mothers to be careful or avoid
•  Some people as can have strange body reactions
•  Can have laxative effects in large quantities, so introduce a safe dose to avoid digestive problems

Best form to have:

• Leaves and the young pods can be had as a vegetable or in dal, sambhar, curry, etc.
•  Soup of the seeds/pods or leaves can be added to any soup as herb for flavouring.
• Can be had as chutney or added to flour to make parathas, theplas, rotis, etc.
• Moringa Tea: Boil moringa leaves and add some moringa honey to the drink to derive moringa and honey benefits.
• Moringa leaves, lemon juice and honey can be had as an energising drink, ensuring one gets benefits of both moringa and honey.
• Moringa leaf powder can be added to water or one can take moringa powder and honey together first thing in the morning.
• Moringa Smoothee, one can add moringa honey to the smoothee so that both moringa and honey benefits can be derived.
• Chew moringa sticks to get rid of excessive sugar cravings.


Moringa is not be consumed as a medicine but just as nutritional food, it can also aid to reduce the aging effect as it is able to balance hormones.