Oil Free Haldi Pickle – 200 GM
September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Oil Free Lemon Pickle – 200 GM


Svaguna’s oil free lemon pickle is flavourful and a good source of Vitamin C, Lemons aid digestion & weight loss, support heart and kidney health, and also protect against anaemia. Our lemon pickle recipe has been passed through generations and we have picked the same from our mom’s kitchen (she from her great ma in law). It is a typical North Indian style pickle that is awesome as the mix of lemon and salt tastes like magic on the tongue.
It is simple recipe with lemons, carom seeds, rock salt and red chilly powder as the ingredients, we don’t add any oil or much ingredients to retain flavour of the lemons as lemons make everything more tastier. There is no oil in the pickle as the lemon juice helps conserve for a long duration, it can be stored for years (even decades) though the souring continues and the lemon changes colour to light brown and then dark and deeper dark brown.

The skin of the lemons are rich in nutrition and one of the best way to have the skin of lemon is pickled form as then there is flavour and it is soft post the fermentation process. Regular consumption of lemon assists to make the body alkaline over time and it reduces acidity in the system. It is a good accompaniment to food or Indian snacks as it adds flavour and zing to a good meal.


  • • Natural Lemons
  • • Rock Salt
  • • Red Chilly Powder
  • • Carom Seeds (Ajwain)


Why Svaguna?

Oil free lemon pickle is made from natural lemons that are grown on our natural farms in Madhya Pradesh and we use natural spices where possible. We make them in North Indian style with zero oil and just salt and red chilly powder for the flavour. We make them just as they were originally made at our homes to keep the tang of the lemons intact.


One must refrigerate the pickle when one wants the souring process to stop as otherwise it will continue with the fermenting process

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