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October 27, 2018
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FlaxSeeds (After Meal)

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Our flaxseeds after meal is a combination of roasted alsi (flaxseeds), til (white sesame) and ajwain(carom seeds). All three help in maintaining and improving digestive health and are best suited to be consumed post meal to aid a healthy gut.

  • Flaxseeds are rich in fibre, lignans and Omega 3 fatty acid ALA and aids in improving digestion.
  • Ajwain has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties & aids in relieving abdominal discomfort.
  • Sesame has significant amount of fibre and it protects the health of colon and reduces chances of gastrointestinal diseases.

Svaguna’s after meal is made from sesame and flaxseeds that are grown on our natural farm in Madhya Pradesh thus ensuring all the nutrients are intact. The combination of all three post roasting give it a crunchy and good after taste.

Note: Our after meal is dry roasted as both flaxseeds and sesame are rich in oil . There is no salt or additives added to the after meal, it has the ingredients goodness intact as there is no processing at all.

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