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Black Wheat Atta

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Black Wheat is known as Kala Gehu and has been developed by National Agri Biotechnology Institute after 7 years of research by a process of selectively cross breeding 2 cultivars, one of a Japanese variety and two of high yield Indian variety.  The purpose of working on this variety was to increase the content of anthocyanin as it prevents formation of free radicals in human body. Kala Gehu isn’t genetically modified but has been created by selectively cross breeding 2 cultivars.


Kala Gehu is richer in all nutrients, bioactive compounds and antioxidants that help in reducing inflammation, protecting against oxidative stress, cancer, heart diseases, obesity and lowering risk of chronic diseases.   In comparison to regular wheat it has extra protein, iron and zinc as well.


Below mentioned is a short comparison to regular wheat and kala gehu

Properties Regular Wheat Black Wheat
Colour Is a light shade of gold Is darker and black
Anthocyanin Contains 5 ppm of anthocyanin content Contains 140ppm anthocyanin content
Iron Iron content is around 25% Iron content is more than 60%
Gluten Is rich in gluten Contains less gluten
Anti Oxidants Isn’t high on anti-oxidants Is rich source of anti-oxidants so assists to build better immune system
Fibre and Glycemic Index Isn’t rich in fibre and high on glycemic index Is rich in fibre content and low on glycemic index

Why Svaguna ?

Our kala gehu is cultivated on our natural farms at Vivavan located in Amarwara, Madhya Pradesh.  We are cultivating our gehu naturally without the use of any fertilisers, chemicals, bio-pesticides, etc on our food forest.   As wheat is cultivated in abundance in our area,  we thought kala gehu would also grow well.  We grind  (not pulverize) our flour from the wheat freshly before packing the same thus ensuring all the goodness is retained and it is fresh.     It is good to taste and easier to digest in comparison to the regular gehu.  One can use it to make rotis, naans, pizza base, cookies, etc.


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