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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019

Sesame (White)

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Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus sesamumor sesamumindicum (where indicum means from India). Genus has many species that are wild & native to sub Saharan Africa, though the cultivated type for edible seeds has originated in India subcontinent around 5500 years ago.

Sesame is a survivor crop as it can grow in heat, drought, rain, etc, hence it is easily cultivated in tropical, subtropical and southern temperate areas of the world.

It is the oldest oilseed known to humans, that has highest oil content which can by anywhere between 45% to 60%.

It is used extensively in Middle East and Asian cuisine and is known as symbol of immortality as per Hindu legend.

Our sesame is grown on our natural farm Vivaan in Amarwara, Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.

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