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October 27, 2018
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October 29, 2018

Saama Millet (Little Millet)

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Sama (little millet) looks similar to rice and belongs to the poaceae family of grass that is cultivated maximum in Central India today, we grow our sama as an inter-crop in the rains on our natural orchards in Madhya Pradesh.

Sama is full of nutritional value and is known as a natural nutraceutical as is low in glycemic index and controls blood sugar levels, high in dietary fibre, contains slow digesting carbohydrate that help detoxify body, aids in treating respiratory conditions, is full of anti-oxidants, etc.

Sama can be had as an alternative to rice, can be used in idli/dosa batter or can be boiled and added to salads or can be added to chapattis, breads, etc. or can be had as porridge. Sama is a gluten free and non-acidic forming millet that can be eaten during fast as it isn’t considered a grain.

Svaguna’s sama is cultivated on Vivavan natural food forest, hence is free from insecticides, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, etc. In case one is looking for value products that are full of health and goodness, then our sama is just the right choice.

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