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November 30, 2023
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December 21, 2023

Jowar Choco Cookies – 135 GMS


Chocolate cookies is something that is loved by kids and adults alike and it can be had anytime of the day, with morning tea/coffee or breakfast or else evening tea/coffee or a dessert after meals. They are delicious to taste and can also aid to reduce stress and anxiety but they can be unhealthy as it is filled with sugar and fat.   Eating cookies is filled with guilt but it is yummy and comfort food so most of us continue indulging ourselves.

Svaguna here comes with a slighter healthier option of the famous cookies, we have replaced the maida with jowar atta and the white sugar with khand sugar so that the same yummy cookies can be consumed with lesser guilt.

Svaguna Chocolate cookies are made with desi jowar atta (so our cookies are gluten free), butter and khand sugar and can be had anytime, everytime!

Indulge in Svaguna’s Chocolate Chip Cookies that are made from an ancient millet cultivated in our farms in Amarwara, Madhya Pradesh

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