Sun-Dried Ginger Powder (Saunt)
June 26, 2021
Desi/Heirloom Tomatoes
July 22, 2022

Desi Sun Dried Tomatoes

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We grow our heirloom tomatoes as an intercrop on our natural food forest in Madhya Pradesh, they are native to our area and we identified them accidentally when they cropped by during the monsoon season for the first time on our farms.  The villagers informed that they were junglee or desi tamatar that grow themselves across the area that they don’t bother with it as it is cumbersome to make anything out of such small tomatoes but they are good to taste.

The taste of the tomatoes is awesome as the skin is paper thin, it is like eating a fruit that just melts in the mouth when you pop it in, slightly sour to taste, full of flavour as they grown naturally in the area.   The sun-dried tomatoes variety also happened by chance when we were sun drying them to get seeds to grow them in larger quantity, seeds aren’t available in the market so we need to preserve our seeds for the next sowing season.  Happened to taste the sun-dried tomatoes and realised that they taste equally great on drying & don’t need oil for softening as the skin is thin and neither needed preservatives or additives as they are sun-dried.


Svaguna’s  sun-dried tomatoes are naturally sun dried from desi tomatoes post cleaning of the tomatoes.  They can be added to salads, pizzas, pastas, to made chutney, etc.   We don’t use any preservatives or additives and they are free of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

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