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February 28, 2020
Bajra Atta
February 28, 2020

Jowar Atta


Jowar (sorghum), called cholam or jonna in South India is a an ancient cereal grain plant of the grass family (Poeceae). Sorghum is rich in fiber, iron, protein, copper, multiple vitamins and nutrients that aid the body to improve blood circulation, immunity and digestive system. The millet is getting re-discovered globally and is called new quinoa for it whole grain goodness that provides health benefits and is gluten free. It is a healthy alternative to whole wheat flour as it aids to control blood sugar and heart health being rich in anti-oxidants.

At Svaguna, we freshly ground our jowar atta from natural jowar in small batches before packaging the same ensuring our jowar atta is always fresh. Our natural jowar is grown on in our food forest Vivavan as a kharif crop as our area is a natural habitat for jowar cultivation. Jowar atta can be used in idlis/dosas, chilas, rotis, pancakes, bhakris, cakes, etc.

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