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Cymbopogon better known as lemongrass is a genus perennial grass native to Asian, Australian and tropical island plants in the grass family. Lemon grass belongs to the Poaceae family that has 55 species out of which 2 are cultivated, i.e, East Indian lemongrass known as Cymbopogonflexuosus which is native to Indian subcontinent, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. and West Indian lemongrass known as Cymbopogoncitratus which is native to South Asia and maritime South East Asia. Lemongrass is used as a culinary herb in Asian cuisines like teas, soups, curries, stir fries, etc, or as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda. Lemongrass has the ability to reduce fever, hence is called fever grass and a drink called fever tea is famous in some parts of the world. It can be used as a pesticide or a preservative as well. It has a subtle citrus flavour and is used either fresh or dried or in powdered form.

Benefits of Lemongrass

•  Lemongrass is anti-inflammatory as it fights free radicals and helps cells communicate more effectively thus reducing inflammation and body aches.
•  Lemongrass is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as is loaded with Vitamin C, hence helps to cope with respiratory disorders like cough and cold.
•  Citral and Citronellal chemicals that are present in lemongrass give it the anti-viral and anti-septic qualities, hence can cure fevers.
•  Lemongrass is good for digestion as it contains citral and limonene that assists in digestion and resists stomach disorders.
•  Lemongrass is anti-oxidant as it helps in removal of harmful toxin waste by relieving fluid retention, hence detoxifies the body.
•  Lemongrass reduces menstrual pain and gives relief from hot flushes.
•  Lemongrass regulates blood pressure as rich in potassium which increases production of urine in body & stimulates blood circulation.
•  Lemongrass boosts metabolism that makes digestion quicker and burns more calories on account of limonene compound which acts as appetite suppressant.
•  Lemongrass boots oral health, one can chew on the stalks to improve dental health.
•  Lemongrass relieves bloating as it has diuretic effect as it stimulates kidneys to release more urine than usual.
•  Lemongrass boosts red blood cell levels as it increases haemoglobin concentration, packed cell volume and red blood count in body.
•  Lemongrass aroma assists in reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia and can act as a sedative & anti-depressant on account of presence of chemicals like nerol, mycrene and citronellal.

Why Svaguna

Our lemongrass comes from our natural food forest Vivavan situated in Amarwara in Chhindwara district, Madhya Pradesh that is freshly dried through the year to ensure fresh supply always. As they come from our natural food forest they retain all their natural nutrients, fragrance and flavours and are amongst the best available in the market.


•  Pregnant and lactation women should avoid the same especially in form of essential oils.
•  Some humans can have allergic reactions to lemongrass especially oil so one needs to be careful.
•  Direct consumption of essential lemongrass is not recommended.
•  Usage of essential lemongrass oil may sensitize the skin to UV rays.

Best form to have:

•  Can be had fresh or dried or in powdered form
•  Either in soups, curries or as a hot or cold drink as a tea or in varied concoction.