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Jeera (Cumin)

Jeeraka is derived from Sanskrit word Jeerna meaning that which digests, jeera provides strength to stomach, intestine and liver as per Ayurveda. Cuminum Cyminumis an ancient spice that has close to 5000 years of history, it is native to Levant region (Mediterranean) & northern Egypt which travelled from Middle East to east Asia. Jeera is distinctly aromatic and is used in cuisine either as whole or grounded form. It is amongst the most popular spice all over the world and is second to turmeric in health benefits as per Ayurveda. It is important part of Indian cuisine since centuries as it promotes healthy digestion and prevents and protects many abdominal diseases and organs.

Benefits of Jeera (Cumin)

• The carminative property of cumin seeds relieve flatulence, bloating, colic, acidity, symptoms of IBS thus providing relief from indigestion and ensuring healthy digestion.
• Helps manage diabetes as cumin flavonoids have properties to lower blood glucose levels.
• Cumin boasts immunity & is a good source of iron and dietary fibre even when used in small amount as seasoning.
• Cumin aids the respiratory system as anti-congestive by nature, it helps to get rid of mucous accumulated in the chest.
• Cumin oil has active phytochemicals that is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic and immunomodulatory properties.
• Cumin controls cholesterol levels as have flavonoids and cuminaldehyde that lower ox-LDL levels.
• Cumin helps in regulating blood pressure as balances negative effects of salt as high in potassium.
• Relieves symptoms of piles (hemorrihoids) on account of presence of dietary fibre.
• Good detoxifying agent that aids in removal of toxins thus preventing boils, rashes, pimples and other signs of excess toxic content.
• Cumin water is used traditionally as a remedy for weight loss as cumin and line reduce appetite and increase lipolysis.
• Cumin facilitates secretion of milk from mammary glands thereby promoting lactation in pregnant women.


• Should be consumed in moderate quantities and not large especially for long duration as large quantities consumption can cause heartburn, belching, liver & kidney damage, heavy menstrual cycle.
•  May lower blood sugar levels so people with diabetes have to be careful with quantities consumed.
•  Excess consumption known to have narcotic & abortifacient properties
• Can cause allergy to some especially higher quantity intake.

Best form to have:

•  Can be had in varied concoctions (mentioned in the concoction section)
• As a whole or ground spice in curries, vegetables, curds, snacks, etc. etc.
• As jeera water or jal jeera as it promotes good digestive health.

Powder Form:

We roast our jeera and freshly ground and pack it to retain the original flavours and aroma.