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Dhaniya (Coriander) Seeds / Powder

Dhaniya (Coriander) belongs to the Apiacaea (carrot) family and all parts of the plant are edible. It has originated in West Asia & South Europe (Greece) and grows wild over a wide area from Southern Europe & northern Africa to South Western Asia and goes by the name of coriander or cilantro or Chinese parsley. The plant is used either as a spice for its seed or as an herb for the flavour of leaves. Coriander seed is a super herb/spice with various health benefits that has eleven components of essential oils and six types of acids including Vitamin C, it is known as a kitchen medicine as it has multiple medicinal features as it contains potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium, copper, folic acid, Vitamin A, K & C.

Benefits of Dhaniya

•  Lowers cholesterol level as it reduces level of bad LDL and raises levels of healthy HDL, hence reduces heart stroke.
•  Helps prevent anaemia and regulates blood pressure.
•  Is an antioxidant as it prevents free radical damage to the body.
•  Improves metabolism helping keep weight in control.
•  Regular usage improves thyroid conditions.
•  Is rich in dietary fibre, in 100 gms it has around 2.8 gms of fibre.
•  Known to ease digestion & digestive disorders like diarrhoea, flatulence,etc.
•  Supports growth of hair follicles as it prevents hair fall and stimulates hair growth.
•  Is known for its anti-hyperglycaemic or anti diabetes, hence keeps diabetes in check.
•  Has antiseptic properties enabling to cures skin disorders, fungal infections, mouth ulcer, pimples, etc.
•  Relieves allergic reaction as it has anti allergic properties.
•  Lowers skin inflammation & also works on reducing headache.
•  Anti-bacterial & anti-biotic that can be used as a cure for cold & flue, throat pain, salmonella, conjunctivitis, UTI, eye sty, etc.
•  Has anti rheumatic and anti-arthritic properties that calms arthritis and improves bone health.
•  Aids menstrual irregularities, pain and reduces heavy menstrual flow & leucorrhoea


•  Excessive consumption can cause lapse of menstruation or gastrointestinal issues
•  Excessive usage can lead to liver problems
•  To be consumed in limited quantity by pregnant and breast feeding women
•  One can develop sun sensitivity or skin problems or breathing issues in case one is allergic to the same